Videos Online With DailyMotion and Taxi-pub

I’m convinced that for any conference taking place nowadays, filming talks and putting them online is a must. This allows more people to learn about the event, gives extra visibility to the speakers, and also lets people who couldn’t make it to the conference benefit from it.

And no, I don’t believe that people are going to decide not to come to the conference because they can get all the talks online for free (have you ever spent a whole day in front of your computer watching recorded sessions?)

So, all of Going Solo will be filmed and put online almost in real time (we’re not certain we’ll manage streaming). For that, I would like to extend particular thanks to Sébastien Baudet of, who will be managing camera, editing and uploads. Logo.

For hosting and distribution of the videos, we’re partnering with DailyMotion, who have very kindly (and speedily!) set us up with an Official User account for Going Solo. This is where you’ll have to head to see the videos on the big day, if you’re not lucky enough to be on location. We’ve already added a few videos to the account, and chances are you’ll see one or two more before things start getting really hot on Friday.

Logo DailyMotion.

So, a big thanks to and DailyMotion for their help in making these videos available to the public!

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