MOO Goodies for Everyone!

I’m totally excited about this. If you’ve ever met me, you know I never go anywhere without my MOO cards. Here’s photographic evidence.

I even decided upon MOO cards as the main offline way to promote Going Solo, literally shoving as many as I could into people’s hands (OK — some took them willingly, I’ll admit).

Going Solo & Lego @ SXSW 2008 001

So, no wonder I’m thrilled to announce that MOO is sponsoring Going Solo, and will be providing attendees with a stack of goodies, not least of them the sexy MOO MiniCard Holders, yes!

In addition to providing a sizeable part of the new-media-sphere with original business cards, MOO also have a range of cool products like postcards, StickerBooks, NoteCards, and a great blog written mainly by the lovely Denise.

If you weren’t familiar with MOO products by now, I can guarantee that you’ll be ordering MiniCards or StickerBooks as soon as Going Solo is over!

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    […] great sponsors and partners (attendees will have a chance to win a FreshBooks Shuttle Bus package, get MOO goodies, and even see men in white. If you’re having trouble keeping track of where to find Going […]

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