Going Solo Off Programme is On

Hello everyone coming to Going Solo,

Here is some information about the Going Solo Off Programme: what will take place before and after the Going Solo Conference proper in Lausanne, May 16th, 2008.

We suppose many of you will already be there on the night before the conference, so we decided to organize a party so that everyone could share a few pre-conference drinks. And since we thought that people coming to Going Solo might be of the social type, the event will be public. That way even people who cannot come to the conference on Friday can feel welcome to join and meet the new web-enabled generation of freelancers and small business owners.

The Warm Up Party will take place on Thursday May 15th, from 7 pm to approx. 10 pm (don’t forget to go to bed so you’re in good shape the next day!), at the Darling Pub, Galerie Saint-François, Lausanne. Everyone is welcome. It’s a BUYOB thing, which means you buy your own beer, juice or pizza. A whole corner of the Darling is booked for us. We hope it will be the perfect place to gather informally before the big day. You may register now on the Warm Up Party for Going Solo Facebook event page.

One party is never enough, right? As announced, there will be a closing party for Going Solo on Friday night. The Open Party will take place on Friday May 16th, from 9:30 pm onwards, at L’Atlantic, Rue Saint-Pierre 3, Lausanne. It’s also a BUYOD party (buy your own drinks), and everyone is welcome, too, for obviously the same reasons. You may also register now on the Facebook Open Party for Going Solo event page.

As both parties are open to the general public – even to people who have not registered for Going Solo – please feel free to invite your friends!

Friday Night Dinner

As of today, several whole tables have been booked for Friday at 7:30 pm in 4 restaurants in Lausanne Centre Ville. (Chez Rony, Lausanne Moudon, Brasserie du Château et le jardin de l’Eveché, if sunny weather). In a similar fashion to other great conferences like Reboot, numbered lists will be hung on the wall during the conference at Hotel Albatros-Navigation. Participants will choose where they want to go and register manually there. The dinner is on you, and you’re free to go elsewhere if you wish – but we like the idea of providing some structure to make it easy for you to hang out with the friends you’ll have made during the day.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lausanne next Thursday and Friday.

Anne Dominique

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    […] and we have pre-conference and post-conference events organized, quite a bit of bandwidth at the venue (wifi of course), and we’re all set to film the […]

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  2. Bernard Krummenacher on May 13th, 2008

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    Just a few questions…

    1) Is registration to the Warm Up and Open parties required or is it possible to just come at the events?

    2) If it is required, is there a way to register without opening an account on Facebook?

    I’m sure that during the Going Solo conference, I’ll be convinced that my presence on Facebook is an obvious necessity, but I’m not willing to be forced to be there just because I want to register to some event that is in no way related to that social network.

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  3. Steph on May 13th, 2008

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    Hi Bernard — no, registration for the parties is not mandatory on Facebook.

    We like it if people announce themselves, so that we know how many to expect, roughly, but these are open parties in public spaces. Feel free to come. Looking forward to seeing you! We’ll keep a seat 😉

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